Consider yourself blessed to have Christmas and Thanksgiving at the fireplace

You know, millions of folks around the world celebrate Christmas in July. How crazy is that? Well, it’s not, actually. You see, the thing is, many of these folks dream of having a white Christmas, just like you do every year. You are blessed with the correct Yuletide mood with snow and Jack’s frost surrounding your home every season. These folks who desire what you have have hot sweltering summers to contend with at Christmas time.

Consider yourself blessed to have Christmas and Thanksgiving at the fireplace. Yes, many of these folks also have national holidays, but they don’t have to seasonal atmosphere and cold, snowy weather to compliment their home’s fireplace which is hardly ever used, if at all. You at least have a fireplace in use. It may be heading into summer now, but time flies. Just ask Santa. The weather is fine and the time is ripe for you to start making those Christmas decorations already.

This time, focus on your fireplace. Worry about gifts in a few months time. You’re going to need extra cash for your summer vacation. You won’t need to move the earth and break the bank to redecorate your fireplace area. All it requires of you is a little creative inventiveness. Make sure you also have the correct tools, all decorative, to stoke your first winter fires with. For this, you’ll need a new fireplace bellows kit.

That’s all really. Now you can spend a little extra time and money on the rest of your living room. A fresh coat of paint or a new set of lampshades, that’s entirely up to you. It is your home. Ah yes, home is where the heart is.