You will never be toast without your Holman

If you have ambitions of running your own breakfast parlor then you may have a need for a Holman. Let us start this message over again. A breakfast parlor sounds so old fashioned and many folks are skipping their breakfast anyway. Downtown, they are all in a mad rush to get to work in the morning but they always have time to grab a quick cuppa of their favorite brew. It is up to you to make it their favorite brew.

It is your time. This is your new business development. So, instead of opening an old world breakfast parlor, you go on with your plans to open a slick but stylish coffee shop instead. Make it a regular hangout for your new clientele, and they will be coming back for breakfast or brunch. The brunch fixture has always been a stroke of genius, sandwiched in-between what should have been the real hours for breakfast and lunch.

Get yourself a Holman toaster anyhow. It’s an industrious piece of equipment, perfect for quickly making toasted ciabattas for always in a hurry folks like the ones you are trying to get through your doors and sit down to your neatly appointed tables. You’ll also need a good food warmer for pre-prepared meals which you spent time preparing in the morning or the previous night. You lose none of the original flavors when you need to prepare a rush order, quaintly or stylishly garnished with a healthy side of salad, for your always in a hurry regulars.

Rush hour morning traffic or quieter than usual afternoon breaks, running a coffee shop or bistro is no mean feat. But with the right business plan and backup, it can be done.

Changes to Fitness Wearables

As is the case with any type of technology, changes are normal. And when we talk about fitness wearables and other such technology, we have to note how much these items have changed over the past few years. If you look at a fitness wearable from 2012, it is going to look, feel and act drastically different from one that was made in 2016. And the same is going to be said for the ones made in 2017 and beyond. Major changes are coming, and we are super excited about them. You can go here for more information about these changes.

One of the biggest changes that we are looking forward to seeing is how these wearables could help those who have a long-term health condition. For instance, if you have a heart condition, the wearable could constantly monitor your heart rate when you are sitting at home, going to work or exercising. If there is any unusual behavior from your heart rate, the wearable could be programmed to immediately phone your emergency contact or the ambulance services. These types of features could genuinely save lives, especially among the elderly or sick. And they would really improve sales for wearables as well!

Another interesting idea we have heard is how these wearables could incorporate some protections for those who have mental health issues. It sounds like such a far-fetched idea, but there is already preliminary technology where a wearable could determine a person’s mood. And since those who suffer from mental health issues often have to deal with mood swings, these wearables could indicate when a person’s mood is “shifting” based on certain vitals and signs in their body. The technology is still being worked on – but we think this has a lot of potential as well. It could really make a splash on the market.